The sauna is the natural way for the body to purify by sweating.
The high temperature (average 70°C) and low humidity (about 25%)
create an atmosphere conductive to the overall
sweating and deep cleansing of pores.

The Finnish sauna has an air temperature up to 80°C.
Experts recommend to stay in it between 2 and 4 minutes,
as you can gradually increase to 15 minutes.
Relax in the sauna, combined with swimming or relaxation in the Jacuzzi
decreases stress levels, improves blood circulation
and returns your body tonus and energy.
The Finnish sauna is at your disposal
at any time to pamper yourself and relax.

The Infrared sauna is used for rehabilitation and weight reduction.
For the body heating instead of hot air, infrared rays are used.
Unlike conventional sauna, here the respiratory system
is not exposed to hot air and therefore is more effective
as heat reaches deep into the skin unlike traditional saunas.